Do You Understand?

Do you understand? Though you didn't make me cry:
And you didn't even try, to understand me.
Me and my crazy ways, oh and those lazy days.
We were not so far apart, from what I understand.

Really didn't want to start, about the way you break my heart.
To this day I wonder why. Do you understand?
Didn't grant me any grace. You just up and left this place.
Left me oh so far behind. And you let me down.

I am not the Prince of Peace. Just you let me say my piece.
And I know you didn't try, and you let me down.
Maybe wander all my days, mark my words amidst the haze.
I was just beside myself, you were somewhere else.

I would rather be myself, than through you be someone else.
To myself I must be true, and to you I lie:
If I said I didn't care, if I didn't want you there.
Doesn't matter anyway, now you're gone away.

If I said without remorse, words I say but can't enforce.
Would you love me anyway? If it wasn't true?
As those lies were left unsaid; If you lied to me to me instead,
Would we be much better off? Do you understand?

© Peter Bensen

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