Snowboarder Girl

Cruising through life with a friend at the wheel
Nothing to want for, nothing to steal
Nothing to call me away from the scene:
A mountain, a red-haired girl, and a dream

Snowboarder girl and a sunny blue sky
Framed in a photo, snowboarder girl fly!
Treat as she is one acrobatic
Star of her own real snowboarder girl flick

A red-haired girl on a cold winter day
Out on a snowboard, going my way
Fly down the mountain, making it real
Speed and space and air that you feel

A red-haired girl on a run down a cloud
There's nobody else and there's no-one around
All I can see in photography
Is you, in the air, in the sky, in the breeze

So many people there's no-one around
But a red-haired snowboarder girl, without a sound
On some other mountain, so far away
We'll meet again I think, so I say

Fly through the air, land on the silk
White Hampshire mountain, whiter than milk
A red-haired girl who kissed the blue sky
Snowboarder Girl! Don't ever deny
A snowboarder girl her place in the sun
Up on a mountain, out on a run
In the sky, on a mountain so far away
We'll meet again I think, so I say

© Peter Bensen

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