Straight Narrow Lines

It happened September 11th you know
When Satan met Evil and decided to blow
Down two buildings as high as the sky and but now
Lie in craters demolished, as if them to bow

Straight narrow lines are forever erased
And all the lives that are never replaced
And for the evil brought into this world
Only to benefit one person's good

His reason was given as Palestine's poor
Arabia, infidels, Saddam and more
Rationale wanted a Caliph to be
For his Islam, but in reality king
And for the throne that was for he himself;
Warrior king, rich and scholar and serf
Personified blood lust in every regard
Quixotic in vision with sheep by the yard

When Satan met Evil they needed a goat
One of ambition to row his own boat
Misfortune prevented their Saddam Hussein
As luck is but theirs they had one as mean
Replete, immersed in his evil designs
Using his God, hate, and man intertwined
Completing his ploy there's a lackey or two
Thousands more; Who knows exactly what's true?

Nothing replaces a straight narrow line
Cannot be said for the other defined
Self-serving despots both greater and less
Are only defined by the size of their mess

When Evil suppresses the best in humanity
Where sinners become son's of Hell in depravity
Selfish intentions too obviously lead
To Hell in a basket, their children to plead

The children will cry and the innocents burn
When will the mongers of power ever learn
That the wages of sin are paid one and all
But mostly by those who want, and want more

Those by the sword who do live soon will die
And as they live there, the pain will deny
And as they live more with hate than with good
As in a sickness that takes to the blood

Blessed are prayers of the poor it is true
But even so, it is never excused
But just to hate and to ever deny
Righteous love and to judge both your God and the sky

The hammer that falls will just shape the steel
It's up to us then to make it our will
Lead by example, inspire by design
And nothing replaces a straight narrow line

© Peter Bensen


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