Vistas And Views

As I just gaze upon still fields of wonder
And skies of azure, the mind starts to wander
And ocean to ocean I go, spread the news
In wonder of all of the vistas and views

Vistas and views of the mountains and waters
Grand Canyon vista with all of the colors
And for the sun in the sky as it sets
It doesn't ever get better than this

The beauty and grace that our land did inherit
But from on high, and just how do we merit
Our inspiration, our respite, our trust
And blessed from our God as we know and we must

Rocky wild shore in New England's bay shelter
Summer in Texas with all in the swelter
Everyone doing their share, old and young
Sharing the vistas and views in the sun

Bay meadow garden at rest by the ocean
Miles upon miles of gold wheat grass in motion
Places to go from the Earth to the sky
Eternal waterfalls never deny

Forests of redwood and townships in blue
Farmland efficient abundant of food
Mineral bounty and people who smile
Highways to travel for mile after mile

Snowcapped volcanos at peace with the night
Tropical rainforest island delight
Glaciers and geysers and plateaus and plains
As does a garden look up to the rain

Indian monument, somber and proud
Bright coastal cities, and boy are they loud!
People and places to see and relate
Our destination, and shared as a fate

As in a mad river's rush to the blue sea
As in a bird in the air we are still free
All inspiration and earthly delights
Caressing our land and the soft summer nights

Mountains on high as the sun slowly exits
Land of the free that inspires the poets
Vistas and views that I cannot deny
Under the sun, and the stars, and the sky

Orchards and fisheries, vistas and views
Somehow to find common bonds, share the news
Flying a surfboard or skiing a mount
Gather your blessings forever to count

©Peter Bensen


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